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CBC to put Don Cherry on the air twice a night this season

It's double the dosage of "Grapes" as Coach's Corner expands to the late game of CBC's weekly doubleheader.

Bruce Bennett

Even those who don't like Don Cherry have to admit, for a guy soon approaching 80 years of age, he's never one to slow down. In fact, during the 2013 NHL season at least, the man they call "Grapes" will be working more than ever.

CBC's Tim Wharnsby reported (for the website of the network that employs Cherry) that the Cherry and Ron MacLean-hosted Coach's Corner will now appear twice an evening on Hockey Night in Canada. As has been the case since before most of the people reading this story were born, Coach's Corner will not only appear in the first intermission of Hockey Night's 7 p.m. ET broadcast, but in the same segment of the 10 p.m. ET broadcast.

While the complaints about Cherry can be numerous and downright vitriolic, one of the more base criticisms is that Grapes never seems interested in anything but the Toronto Maple Leafs (as well as that third-line player who scores 10-15 goals and logs about 75 PIM a season on every other team) and the Eastern Conference in general. One would expect that the 10 p.m. ET-ish Coach's Corner will give the Western Conference their fair share.

More likely, however, he'll probably just spend it getting in one last nightly stab at the juicy commentating apple that is the Maple Leafs. One of the two. Either way, it likely means more and more attention for Cherry from blogs, YouTube and the rest of the world, and that will certainly be entertaining. I mean, just look at his Twitter account...