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Damien Brunner goal saves an otherwise awful Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings shootout

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Boring shootout? Just put Damien Brunner on the ice.

The Blue Jackets and Red Wings were enthralled in quite possibly the most boring shootout in recent memory. Four Columbus shooters and three Detroit shooters skated in on goal and did absolutely nothing with the puck.

High and wide by Matt Calvert, off the crossbar by Pavel Datsyuk, a double-tap disallowed goal by Cam Atkinson, a few routine saves by both Sergei Bobrovsky and Jimmy Howard. Eventful, I guess, but super boring.

Oh, and then Damien Brunner happened. You know what? As amazing as this move was, the craziest part might be that Bobrovsky even got a leg on it. Bob almost made the save. That's perhaps more impressive than the move itself.

Wings win, 4-3.