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NAHL coach puts on 'blind ref' act in protest of officials

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Chris Clark hits the history books, pulling off one of the most incredible in-game protests of all time.

On Saturday night, the NAHL's Wenatchee Wild were locked in a 1-1 battle with the Kenai River Brown Bears. At the 11:31 mark of the third period, Wenatchee's Bliss Littler was whistled for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Kenai River took the lead exactly two minutes later on an Alec Butcher goal, and from there, all hell broke loose.

A dust-up formed after the goal, and when it all calmed down, Wenatchee was assessed 45 minutes in penalties to the Brown Bears' six. Coach Chris Clark received 10 of those penalty minutes for the above -- a mocking of the officials that might just be the greatest coach protest of all time.

h/t Reddit