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Phoenix Coyotes sale could be near with NHL lockout over

The Phoenix Coyotes could be sold to Greg Jamison soon. Finally.

Christian Petersen

The group headed by Greg Jamison is on the verge of announcing that it has purchased the Phoenix Coyotes franchise from the NHL, according to a report by John Shannon of Sportsnet on Sunday morning.

With the tentative end of the lockout also announced on Sunday morning, the good times continue to roll for NHL fans everywhere.

The Coyotes have been owned by the NHL since previous owner Jerry Moyes filed the team for bankruptcy in 2009.

The process of Jamison trying to purchase the team has been tumultuous and has spanned almost a full year. Jamison, who previously acted as the CEO of the San Jose Sharks, leads a group commonly referred to as Hockey Partners, LLC.

However, issues with securing the proper finances and disagreements with the City Council in Glendale, Ariz. have often thrown the process off course. Despite debate amongst the council, they ultimately signed a 20-year, $320 million arena management lease with the group on Dec. 21.

The deal was contingent upon Jamison finalizing the purchase of the Coyotes prior to Jan. 31.