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Stanley Cup odds: Penguins the favorites, Columbus the long shot

With the NHL lockout (tentatively) over, gamblers have already ranked your favorite teams' chances of winning the 2013 Stanley Cup.

Jamie Sabau

Now that the NHL lockout is presumably over and the only thing standing between a 2013 Stanley Cup champion being crowned is the formal process of writing up the new collective bargaining agreement and ratifying it, gamblers have already started to rank the likelihood of your favorite team winning a championship this season.

Sports gambling website Bovoda listed the Pittsburgh Penguins as the favorites to win the 2013 Stanley Cup by a margin of 8-1. Pittsburgh was followed by their Atlantic Division rivals, the New York Rangers, who carry the second best odds entering the season at 17-2.

The Vancouver Canucks will be coming into the year with the third best odds (9-1), followed by the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings (12-1) and the Philadelphia Flyers (12-1).

The Columbus Blue Jackets were given the worst odds of any other team as their margin was set at 100-1. The New York Islanders were given a 66-1 shot, while the reigning Eastern Conference champion New Jersey Devils were given a 30-1 shot.

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