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Dallas Stars teach Dallas Cowboys valuable lesson in Internet trolling

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Do not mess with the Dallas Stars.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

First rule of Dallas sports: Do not mess with the local hockey team. The Dallas Cowboys tried to do just that on Monday, tweeting a joke about how nobody cares that the NHL is returning from its lengthy work stoppage.

Fox Sports Southwest provides the color: staff writer Josh Ellis posted a simple enough comment on his personal Twitter page about his anticipation of baseball season returning, saying "Just six weeks until pitchers and catchers, everybody."

Strangely though, a retweet of Ellis' post appeared on @dallascowboys with a comment of their own.

The Cowboys deleted the tweet, but come on, yalls know that don't mean a damned thing.


Somebody at Stars headquarters must've gotten wind of the whole thing when arriving at work on Tuesday morning, and holy hell, guess who just became a Stars fan?

Everybody just became a Stars fan. Go Stars.

UPDATE: The two teams kissed and made up, which doesn't make this any less awesome.