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NHL schedule 2013: League decides matrix for 48-game season

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The NHL has developed the matrix for the 48-game regular season schedule, which should start on Jan. 19.

Christian Petersen

Despite early optimism that the NHL could play a 50-game regular season, it is all but certain that the league will be operating under a 48-game year.

In fact, it appears the NHL has already formatted how the schedule will be broken down, according to a report by Bob McKenzie of TSN on Tuesday afternoon.

Teams will participate in intra-conference schedules, which will feature 18 games against four division opponents and 30 games against the other ten teams in the conference. This means that teams will face conference opponents three times over the course of the 48-game year with an unbalanced split against division opponents.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it remains unclear how the division split will be determined but teams will play two division opponents four times and the other two division opponents five times.

The NHL remains focused on beginning training camp on Sunday so that the regular season can open on Saturday, Jan. 19.