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Brian Burke fired as Toronto Maple Leafs general manager

The Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Brian Burke.

Bruce Bennett

The Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Brian Burke, according to a report by Bob McKenzie of TSN on Wednesday afternoon.

Burke had been rumored to be on thin ice, with many believing this upcoming season was a make or break year. Now, it appears he will not be given such a chance.

Taking over as the Maple Leafs' general manager and president in 2008, Burke entered the job as replacement for interim general manager Cliff Fletcher. Only months removed from stepping down as the general manager of the Anaheim Ducks, Burke was expected to return the Maple Leafs to the playoffs, as the franchise had failed to qualify for the postseason since 2004.

Ultimately, the team never ended the drought under Burke's leadership.

As of Wednesday afternoon, it is unclear where the Maple Leafs will go from here. The team has yet to release an official statement regarding the decision.