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Stars goalie Jack Campbell honors John F. Kennedy with new mask

Jack Campbell's new mask honors John F. Kennedy, and it's pretty awesome.

It might be a little awkward for a goalie who plays home games in Dallas to so prominently feature President John F. Kennedy, but that shouldn't take away from this magnificent tribute to the 35th president on the mask of Stars goalie Jack Campbell.

Campbell's a Michigan native who's won gold three times as a goaltender for the United States, and according to the mask designer, Dave Gunnarsson, his original idea was just that he wanted a patriotic design.

Jack #Campbell wanted a very patriotic design, 100% american as he is... We wanted to do a patriotic design in a new way, we started to brainstorm. What can be more american than a President design, and more precise a tribute to the legendary American President John F Kennedy.

It was very exciting to create this design and mix the Dallas Stars theme and colors with a worthy artwork of JFK. In the middle is JFK when he is working in The Oval Office. The closer you come the more details you will discover, it is a like a 2 in 1 design. Among all the details you will also find his most famous quoted speech, and also the USS John F. Kennedy, and for sure the Presidential seal. I just love to create details.

It's a pretty cool mask, and we found out today via the Toronto Star that JFK was a pretty big fan of the U.S. national team.

Christ, who are we sending over there, girls? ... We've got some pretty good hockey players, don't we? I suppose they're all playing with their college teams are they? I'd like to find out ... who sponsors it.

We do have some pretty good hockey players, Mr. President, and now one is wearing your face on his mask.