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Hockey Hall of Fame 2013: Chris Chelios doesn't mention Gary Bettman in speech

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Chris Chelios mentioned a lot of people in his Hall of Fame speech, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was not one of them.

Bruce Bennett

Perhaps we're reading too much into it. Perhaps it was unintentional and something that just slipped through the cracks. But of all the people Chris Chelios thanked and mentioned in his Hall of Fame induction speech on Monday night, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was the one noticeable omission.

During his speech Chelios spent some time talking about the work stoppages he was involved in during his time as a player (the players' strike of 1992, the lockout of 1994-95, and the season-long lockout of 2004-05) and said that they were his biggest regret as a player. He also added that "nobody won"  in any of the disputes.

It was the 1994-95 lockout that seemed to really ignite the intense, let's call it "dislike," Chelios seemed to have for Bettman.

That's when this now infamous rant took place.

So yeah. Maybe in a speech where labor disputes were discussed and union executives were thanked (including Bob Goodenow) maybe it's not a coincidence that Gary Bettman wasn't mentioned.

Chelios spent parts of 26 seasons in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, and Atlanta Thrashers. He was a member of three Stanley Cup winning teams, including two as a member of the Red Wings.

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