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NHL power rankings: Here come the Ducks

The West continues to dominate our NHL power rankings. A familiar face remains at the top, but several challengers are making a push for the throne.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

1. Colorado Avalanche (14-2-0, Last week: 1)

Colorado added two more wins this week and has yet to lose consecutive games this season.

2. Anaheim Ducks (15-3-1, Last week: 8)

So, we messed up last week and ranked the Ducks too low. Five wins in a row and the most points in the league boosts the club to the almost-top.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning (12-5-0, Last week: 3)

This ranking was compiled before Monday's 3-0 loss to the Boston Bruins when Steven Stamkos broke his tibia, which is going to require surgery. Because things are probably going to get worse before they get better, we're gonna leave the Lightning at No. 3 as a bit of a consolation prize.

4. Phoenix Coyotes (12-4-2, Last week: 4)

The Coyotes' performance this season has been a wonderful surprise. Dominant at home and scoring goals, the Coyotes have been collecting points at a rapid pace. To stability!

5. Chicago Blackhawks (12-2-4, Last week: 9)

The champs have the second-most points in the league and a plus-17 goal differential. A three-game winning streak doesn't hurt either. And Patrick Sharp? Welcome to the top line. Hope you've enjoyed the stay, Mr. Third Star.

6. St. Louis Blues (11-2-2, Last week: 7)

St. Louis has won three games in a row and six of its last seven.

7. San Jose Sharks (10-2-5, Last week: 2)

Rough week for the Sharks, but they still collected points in two games. They would have stayed higher had the other clubs not performed as well as they did.

8. Minnesota Wild (10-4-4, Last week: 10)

Nothing but points this week for the Wild, as they continue to get support from Josh Harding.

9. Vancouver Canucks (11-7-2, Last week: 6)

Vancouver's last four games have come against Pacific Division rivals. Its record was 1-2-1 over that span. It's really unfortunate that a good team in the West is probably gonna miss the playoffs this year.

10. Los Angeles Kings (11-6-0, Last week: 14)

Two games, two wins. The combined margin of victory in those contests was 7-1, with the latter victory coming against Vancouver.

11. Boston Bruins (11-5-1, Last week: 11)

Again, this was compiled on Monday, but Boston has won three straight and has recorded points in its last four games. Team on the rise, folks.

12. Pittsburgh Penguins (11-6-0, Last week: 5)

They go up, then they go down. The Penguins went on a four-game win streak and have followed it up by losing two in a row. Let's see how they do next week.

13. Toronto Maple Leafs (11-6-0, Last week: 12)

Beat New Jersey and lost to Boston in a close affair. Didn't move them down by choice, it was merely a case of other teams improving.

14. Detroit Red Wings (9-5-4, Last week: 13)

I picked these guys to win the Stanley Cup. Not really buying into that selection right now.

15. Montreal Canadiens (9-8-1, Last week: 17)

The Habs took St. Louis to a shootout, beat the Islanders, but lost to the Senators. On a positive note, P.K. Subban is receiving more ice time lately, so the conspiracy theorists can go back to the drawing board.

16. Washington Capitals (9-8-1, Last week: 19)

So, Washington was supposed to be moving into a tougher division this year. Yeah, so much for that.

17. New York Rangers (9-8-0, Last week: 20)

Things are coming together for the Rangers slowly but surely ... kinda ... like ... the renovated Garden! Oh man, I'm saving that one for when they win the Cup.

18. Ottawa Senators (7-6-4, Last week: 22)

Rough start for the Senators, but things are looking up: They play two Metropolitan Division teams in Columbus and Philadelphia this week while closing out a five-game homestand where they already have two wins. Tough test comes on Friday when they host Boston.

19. Dallas Stars (8-7-2, Last week: 21)

Through five games in November, Dallas has collected seven points. Its lone loss came at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks. Well done, Dallas.

20. Winnipeg Jets (8-9-2, Last week: 23)

Check out the Jets. The team has gone 3-1-0 since our last ranking, which includes victories against Detroit, Nashville and San Jose. The lone loss came to Chicago.

21. Carolina Hurricanes (6-7-4, Last week: 25)

Carolina collected points in all three games this week and sits two points back of a playoff spot.

22. Nashville Predators (8-7-2, Last week: 16)

The normally stingy Predators have allowed three goals or more in all four games in November, including consecutive performances where they allowed five goals against. Since Pekka Rinne's last start on Oct. 22, the team has allowed five goals or more four times over the span of seven games.

23. New Jersey Devils (5-7-5, Last week: 27)

The Devils have recorded points in three straight and have allowed only one goal over that span. In addition, the team has outscored opponents, 9-1. If they can continue to score, the Devils might have a shot at making some noise.

24. New York Islanders (6-9-3, Last week: 15)

Well, the Islanders had Thomas Vanek. Could be back by the end of the week, but either way, things aren't going great for the Islanders, who have lost four straight.

25. Calgary Flames (6-9-2, Last week: 18)

Has the bubble finally burst? Three straight losses to competitive Western Conference teams. The road ahead is a bit easier with meetings against Columbus, Edmonton and Florida over the next two weeks, but some pitfalls are still on the way.

26. Columbus Blue Jackets (6-10-0, Last week: 24)

At least Nathan Horton is still waiting in the wings.

27. Philadelphia Flyers (5-10-1, Last week: 26)

Has Claude Giroux scored? Yes. Are the Flyers still struggling? Oh yeah. They managed to beat the Oilers, but the game was a rough one to watch. Trade rumors are swirling.

28. Florida Panthers (3-11-4, Last week: 28)

Florida sacrificially fired its entire coaching staff. Things are not going well.

29. Edmonton Oilers (4-13-2, Last week: 29)

Stick tap to Jeff Marek on this one: The Oilers have played 19 games this season and have only managed to collect points in six of those games. By most accounts, the Western Conference is far more difficult than the East. This season, 14 of the Oilers opponents have been Eastern Conference teams, with all four of their victories coming in games against Eastern clubs. Only one point has been collected against a Western Conference team (of course, that number is relative all things considered).

This is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

30. Buffalo Sabres (3-15-1, Last week: 30)

Are you really surprised by this?

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