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NHL Stadium Series 2014: Some ticket info announced, special logos unveiled

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The NHL has released information regarding the 2014 Stadium Series, including commemorative logos and ticket information.

Andy Marlin

The best part about the NHL's Stadium Series is the league's ability to reconnect with its roots. Playing regulation games outdoors provides fans with a unique perspective saved for days playing pond hockey in simpler times.

That, and merchandising. Lots and lots of merchandising.

The NHL revealed "chrome" logo redesigns for the seven teams involved in the event. It remains unclear whether these logos will be used on the jerseys for the games, which will be unveiled "in the coming weeks," according to the league.

The Pittsburgh Penguins note on their Facebook account that the logos are inspired by the design of the NHL's shield and that they bring a "dynamic and modern perspective" to the team identities.

Marketing the event in an alternative manner to the Winter Classic is a wise decision on the NHL's part. The whole point of the Winter -- and Heritage -- Classic is the "reconnecting with the game's roots," angle, which makes the atmosphere around the game more "unique." The Stadium Series has the potential to water that down if it's marketed in a similar fashion, but the NHL is deliberately branding those four games -- one at Dodger Stadium, one at Soldier Field and two at Yankee Stadium, as alternatives to the Classics in Detroit and Vancouver.

In addition to revealing the logos, the NHL announced ticket information for the game between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings, as well as the two games at Yankee Stadium. Fans will be able to purchase tickets to the Ducks-Kings on Nov. 19, while the Yankee Stadium games will go on sale Nov. 21. The New York Rangers will play in both games, facing the Islanders and New Jersey Devils. These are limited sales, as many tickets have been sold or given away to season-ticket holders and league partners before the public sale.

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