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Douglas Murray helps take out his own goalie

Douglas Murray tried to clear the front of the net but accidentally cleared out his own goalie instead.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Douglas Murray is the type of defenseman that hockey people like to talk about as a "stay at home defenseman." The type of guy that plays physical around the crease and clears the front of the net. This is mostly because he doesn't skate well anymore and provides little to no offense.

Trouble is, he's not always particularly effective around the front of the net, either, and his team usually ends up giving up a ton of shots while he's on the ice.

In the first period on Friday night he attempted to clear the front of the net by taking out Columbus forward Jared Boll. Instead, he accidentally knocked Boll into his own goalie, Peter Budaj. The result was a puck that fell from heavens and harmlessly bounced into the net for the Blue Jackets second goal of the game.

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