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Twitter fight: Oilers remind Canucks Tim Thomas beat them for the Stanley Cup

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The Oilers and Canucks traded jabs on Twitter during their games on Tuesday night.

Jim Rogash

When the Florida Panthers traveled to Vancouver on Tuesday night, it marked the first time goaltender Tim Thomas played in Vancouver since Game 7 of the 2010-11 Stanley Cup Final. At that time he was a member of the Boston Bruins and shut out the Canucks in the series-clinching win.

During the second period on Tuesday the Canucks official Twitter account pointed out some of the jeers Thomas was receiving from the home crowd.

Just the type of stuff you expect to see from a team-run account during a game.

And then, out of nowhere, the Edmonton Oilers, who at the same time were in the middle of blowing the Columbus Blue Jackets out of the water, came out of the peanut gallery to start throwing haymakers.

That was unexpected. And given the (lack of) success of the Oilers over the past few years, pretty incredible.

And not unnoticed by the Canucks.

Fun times in the NHL. After a quick round of "hey, that was a good shot, well done" the Canucks ended it by Tweeting that they also enjoy watching goalies lifting the Stanley Cup, accompanied by a picture of Carolina's Cam Ward lifting the cup against Edmonton in 2006.

So all of that happened.

If nothing else it was the latest example that the NHL probably has the best interactions among the normally bland team-run social media accounts.

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