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Ray Emery didn't care that Braden Holtby didn't want to fight him

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Braden Holtby didn't really want to fight Ray Emery, but the Flyers goalie wasn't going to let that stop him.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The hot topic in the NHL on Friday night was the mayhem that took place in Philadelphia, specifically the third period line brawl that featured a Ray Emery-Braden Holtby goalie fight.

It was pretty obvious that Holtby was overmatched when the fists started flying (Emery, of course, is no stranger to fights having already been involved in two over his career), and it seems that he wasn't even really that interested in getting involved.

At least that's the story Emery was telling after the game.

When asked if there was any conversation with Holtby prior to the fight, Emery responded by saying, "Yeah, a little bit. I don't remember. He didn't want to fight but I said basically protect yourself. He didn't really have much of a choice."

Well then. That's not really a good look for "the code" now is it?

Emery, by the way, was named the third star of the game. He stopped just 11 of the 15 shots he faced in relief of starter Steve Mason in the Flyers' 7-0 loss. He also ended up earning 29 penalty minutes, including a fighting major, an instigator penalty and a game misconduct.

Holtby earned the rare honor of recording a shutout and a fighting major in the same game.

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