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John Scott calls out Pierre McGuire for 'shooting his mouth off' about Eriksson hit

Scott said he doesn't believe the hit was late.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Suspended Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott made some interesting comments to the Olean Times Herald on Friday about his hit on Bruins forward Loui Eriksson.

On one hand, he admitted he needed to be "a little more responsible" when it comes to observing how his hit might line up with a player's head. Which is nice to hear.

But then he sort of blamed his seven-game suspension on NBC analyst Pierre McGuire, saying his comments made viewers believe the hit was illegal.

"I think Pierre McGuire shooting his mouth off right after the hit got that on a lot of peoples' minds," Scott said. "‘It's a late hit, it's an elbow, it's a high hit.' He was just kind of throwing out all these different things, just hopefully one will stick. It wasn't a late hit. It was just kind of an unfortunate circumstance."

For context, here's video of NBC's coverage of the hit.

McGuire, upon viewing the replay, called the play a "late hit," a "cheap shot" and "unacceptable." Strong words, to be sure, but anyone watching the game with the TV muted would likely have come to the same conclusion. And at any rate, the NHL agreed with McGuire when they suspended Scott for seven games.

If you want people to really believe that you're going to play more responsibly, Scott, maybe you shouldn't blame your suspension on an announcer.

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