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Rick Nash scores first goal of season

After missing most of the season due to a concussion, Rick Nash was finally able to get his first goal for the Rangers.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers played a pretty terrible first period in Dallas on Thursday night, getting outshot 23-6 and allowing the Stars to attempt 41 total shots (saves, blocks, misses).

The Rangers countered with just 14.

Thanks to the combination of Henrik Lundqvist playing out of his mind and Rick Nash getting behind the Dallas defense (thanks in part to a great pass from Lundqvist) the Rangers actually came away with the lead after such a dreadful period.

Oh, and about that Nash goal. It was his first of the season, and it was actually a pretty nice goal.

That's a great move by Nash once he had the puck on his stick, but what a pass by Lundqvist to get that play started. He was pretty much doing it all for the Rangers in the first period.

Nash missed nearly a month due to a concussion he suffered in the third game of the season. He was finally able to return to the lineup on Tuesday night against the Bruins.

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