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Tuukka Rask flips out after losing shootout

Tuukka Rask does not handle losing very well. He sometimes tries to break things, as he did on Thursday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask seems like he is one highly competitive guy and at times he does not handle losing very well.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, he tries to break things.

During his American Hockey League days there was the meltdown that resulted in throwing a milk carton on the ice. Last season there was the time he tried to break his stick off the boards and ended up falling down, crashing into the boards.

On Thursday, after losing to the St. Louis Blues in a shootout, he did this.

Dude. It's an interconference game in November. And your team still earned a point. It'll be OK.

(Vine via @Pensbender)

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