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Reto Berra makes a bad decision

Reto Berra made a very bad decision when he raced out of his crease to attempt a poke check. It did not go well.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday Calgary Flames goalie Reto Berra made one of the best saves of the NHL season when he robbed Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson with a bicycle kick save. It was awesome.

On Friday against the Florida Panthers he made one of the worst decisions an NHL goalie can make when he raced out of the crease in an effort to poke check the puck. It was terrible. And pretty hilarious if you're not named Reto Berra or a Calgary Flames fan.

That's Jimmy Hayes scoring his first goal as a member of the Panthers after being acquired in the Kris Versteeg trade, and chances are he's not going to score a crazier one.

On the plus side for Calgary: At least Berra was skating hard on the back check.

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