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A look at TSN's TV schedule without the NHL

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Losing the rights to broadcast NHL games to rival Rogers is a huge blow for Canadian institution TSN. The good news is that they're already hard at work developing new shows to fill the void. like cartoons? like cartoons?

The dust still hasn't settled on Tuesday's announcement that communications giant Rogers has completed a 12-year $4.9 billion deal to be the exclusive home of the National Hockey League in Canada. The mega-deal effectively alters the entire Canadian sports broadcasting landscape, and has sent a country of hockey nuts scrambling to find out where they can watch their teams starting next season.

But what does that mean for TSN, whose reputation was built on quality all-day NHL coverage and a stable of trusted insiders like Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun? For some, it might mean finding a new place to work or seeking different outlets that don't include direct cooperation with the NHL.

Or, it can mean stuffing the schedule with original and exciting shows designed to make viewers forget all about that old, stuffy hockey league.

TSN is already planning a slate of premieres for next season to fill the airtime formerly held by the NHL, and a sneak peek a proposed schedule was uncovered by one of our inside sources. It seems TSN is trying to branch out from just sports and into programming for kids, teens and fans of extreme sports. Whether or not it makes up for the loss of Canada's second favorite sport remains to be seen.


Tuesday November 25, 2014
10:00 AM Get Fit with Geddy Lee Rush frontman and sports fanatic Geddy Lee leads viewers through aerobics and vocal exercises.
10:30 AM The Wonderful World of World Juniors Jr! Animated show that teaches kids that teamwork and sportsmanship always win at the World Juniors tournament.
11:00 AM The Joy of Painting with Georges St. Pierre Learn oil and acrylic painting techniques from UFC champion and Montreal native Georges St. Pierre.
11:30 AM The Kids in the Hall It's the Kids in the Hall.
12:00 PM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
1:00 PM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
2:00 PM Craig Button's Draft Do-Overs Analyst and former GM Craig Button uses hindsight, rumors and specious logic to reconsider previous NHL drafts.
3:00 PM You Can't Do That* on Television (*show NHL games) Updated version of the classic kid's show. Only now, cast members get slimed when they say "NHL."
4:00 PM Neil deGrasse Tyson Junior High The award-winning astrophysicist helps a group of teen friends through life challenges and calculus.
5:00 PM Showtime starring Shatner and Shania TV icon William Shatner and pop icon Shania Twain recap the day in Canadian entertainment news.
6:00 PM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
7:00 PM Bills Medicine with Jon Bon Jovi The New Jersey rocker runs down the news and issues facing Toronto's "favourite" NFL team, the Buffalo Bills.
8:00 PM Les Stroud's Most Dangerous Anchors "Survivorman" Les Stroud tries to track and capture TSN talent through various dangerous environs.
9:00 PM Oh, the Raptors Game Is On! TSN joins a Toronto Raptors game sometime around the third quarter and tunes out before the end, like most of Canada.
10:00 PM Breaking Dino Dan Gripping drama in which a deranged child and his biology teacher create a drug that causes people to see dinosaurs.
11:00 PM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
12:00 AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
1:00 AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
2:00 AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
3:00 AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
4:00AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
5:00 PM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
6:00 AM SPORTSCENTRE (with less hockey)
7:00 AM Hockey Night in Russia A KHL Game of the Day. If the NHL wants to mess with the bull, they're gonna get the horns.


This is a satire. Fortunately for Americans, the two best ways to see hockey highlights -- SB Nation GIFs and tweets of grainy Vines shot via cellphone -- aren't going anywhere.

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