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Black Friday deals for shopping NHL general managers

Team buster sales on all the hottest players, prospects and rentals this season!

Christmas shoppers aren't the only ones looking for a bargain on Black Friday. While you're waiting for a store to open so you can buy a new electronic ashtray for mom, general managers across the NHL are trying to nail down their own killer deals.

But it's not easy finding a team that has what you need and will take what you have to offer. It can be weeks or months of waiting and working the phones for trades that, most of the time, never materialize.

So at their last meetings on November 12, the NHL GMs came up with some Black Friday-like incentives of their own to get some shoppers in the door. Today, they announced their specials, bundles, clearances and price reductions via e-mails to each other, which are included below. We'll soon find out if business picked up.

Click on the banners for more details on the deals.






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