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Darren Helm's shorthanded goal made everybody flip

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Darren Helm's shorthanded goal on Friday had everybody flying through the air and flipping upside down.

Bruce Bennett

Darren Helm scored two goals in Detroit's 5-0 dismantling of the New York Islanders on Friday and the second of those goals, a shorthanded tally in the second period, was a high-speed collision involving him, Islanders goalie Kevin Poulin and Islanders defenseman Andrew MacDonald that had everybody flipping over everybody else.

As Poulin came out of his crease in an effort to knock a loose puck away from the speedy Helm, the Red Wings forward just managed to get enough of the puck to deposit it in the net (as well as his stick).

Then he went flying. And then MacDonald came flying through and joined the party as well.


Let's look at that again.


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