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Kings vs. Flames: Dustin Brown lays dangerous hit on Matt Stajan

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Was it a suspendable hit?

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Brown lives his hockey life on the edge. He lived up to his reputation as an occasionally dirty player on Saturday when he checked Calgary Flames forward Matt Stajan with a high hit.

The hit in question came midway through the second period. The puck had left Stajan's stick by the time Brown's shoulder collided with Stajan's head.


Brown only received two minutes for interference, and Stajan wasn't hurt on the play. But was it enough to warrant another look from the league? The puck had left Stajan's stick, but Brown didn't seem to look at anything but his head as he made his approach. We'll probably know more tomorrow about whether the league will give Brown a call, but what do you think?

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