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The Flyers gave up a goal to Cam Janssen

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The Philadelphia Flyers allowed Cam Janssen to score on Thursday night. That is not good.

When the New Jersey Devils called Cam Janssen up from the American Hockey League this week general manager Lou Lamoriello said it was so he could "bring a little different dimension" to the lineup.

With Janssen, that dimension usually involves him hitting people and fighting. Entering Thursday's game in Philadelphia Janssen had appeared in 318 NHL games, averaged just a little more than four minutes of ice-time per game,  recorded more than 700 penalty minutes, and scored only three goals.

According to the database at Hockey-Reference he entered play on Thursday as one of just nine players in NHL historyto play at least 300 games and score four or fewer goals.

Needless to say, he isn't there for his offense.

But hark! Offense is what he provided in the third period when he deflected a shot past Flyers goalie Ray Emery to give the Devils a 2-0 lead, and just look at how excited he was.

Every time it seems like the Flyers have hit rock bottom, they just keep falling.

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