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Panthers put up covered glass, block view of fans

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The Panthers didn't seem to have any extra glass to replace a broken piece. So this went up.

Imagine you're a hockey fan in south Florida, and you scored a couple of prime seats along the glass for the Panthers-Red Wings game on Tuesday night. Good times, especially since you get to see one of the best in the game, Pavel Datsyuk, make his return to the lineup.

And then imagine that piece of glass ended up getting smashed in the third period, and instead of the team replacing it with another piece of glass, they replace it with … this.


And a closer look.


Well done, everybody!

UPDATE: It turns out it wasn't plywood or cardboard, but glass that was covered.

The way it was explained by the Panthers is that the backup piece of glass that was prepared to replace the broken one ended up breaking as well on its way to the ice. That caused them to have to dig out a piece that was still covered (that they could not get uncovered in the time that was allotted by the referees) and get it into place.

The cover was removed for the overtime period and shootout.

That at least makes sense. But it doesn't make it any less bizarre (or hilarious to look at it).

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