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Cory Schneider gives up a bad one

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Cory Schneider can't play a dump-in, fails to cover it, and allows Pascal Dupuis to tap it across the line.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Cory Schneider is not only trying to distance himself from Martin Brodeur in the battle for playing time in New Jersey, but he's also trying to make his case for a spot on the US Olympic team.

When it comes to the latter, he had a great opportunity to impress Dan Bylsma, the coach of team USA, on Friday night in Pittsburgh.

Then this happened less than a minute into the game.

Oh man, that's not good for the Devils or for Schneider's Olympic bid.

That's just an innocent dump-in from Chris Kunitz as he gains the blue line, and Schneider just simply can not handle it and fails to cover it in the crease, allowing Pascal Dupuis to swoop in and just tap it across the line.

Seeing as how Schneider rarely gets any goal support from his teammates that's a tough one to give up less than a minute into the game.

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