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Winter Classic 2015: NHL says Flyers participation still undecided

The NHL provided comment saying the opponent in the 2015 Winter Classic has yet to be determined.

Bruce Bennett

Rumors have been circulating that the Philadelphia Flyers will be facing the Washington Capitals in the 2015 Winter Classic. Washington was already confirmed as a participant in the event, as well as the host team. However, the opponent remains an unknown variable.

The still remains the case, according to NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly. Daly provided comment to Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News and stated that it's still premature to be discussing the 2015 Winter Classic, via

"Neither a venue nor an opponent has been determined at this point. The opponent hasn't even been discussed in months."

Previous reports indicated that Philadelphia was one of two finalists, with the Boston Bruins being the other.

While discussions might have subsided, a Capitals-Flyers Winter Classic actually would be an attractive matchup. There has always been a competitive tension between the two teams, which has resulted in some dramatic events over the last few years. Having been separated by divisional boundaries, the clubs were brought together this season with the development of the Metropolitan Division. This has already resulted in news worthy moments, which includes a line brawl, goalie fight and a comeback. Even though many have been clamoring for a Flyers-Penguins outdoor extravaganza at Penn State's Beaver Stadium, logistical issues have seemingly made that endeavor a challenging undertaking.

With Washington already primed for an outdoor game -- and the vitriol between the Caps and Flyers at an intriguing level -- the prospects of an interesting game, as well as an entertaining 24/7, are high.

Even if the NHL hasn't discussed the opponent for the 2015 Winter Classic in months, it seems like a Caps-Flyers matchup should be prominently featured in those eventual talks.

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