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World Junior Championship: Andrei Vasilevski makes amazing save against Sweden

Russia trails Sweden by a single tally thanks to a stunning save by goaltender Andrei Vasilevski.

Sweden is putting on an impressive display of puck movability in Tuesday morning's game against Russia. While the passes have been pretty, the Swedes have been one-upped by Russian goaltender Andrei Vasilevski who kept his team within striking distance thanks to this beautiful save:

Sweden has been moving the puck with expert levels of touch. However, the team has struggled to finish some of these beautiful passing plays, which has allowed the Russians to remain within striking distance. Vasilevski's smooth glove hasn't hurt, either.

The Russian goaltender has stopped 18 of 20 shots through 40 minutes of play, while his counterpart, Oscar Dansk, has stopped 12 of 13. Sweden still leads 2-1 entering the final period of regulation.

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