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Jonas Gustavsson with a behind-the-back glove save

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There is a good chance you won't see a better save than the one Jonas Gustavsson made on Friday night.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

After Jimmy Howard gave up five goals against the Philadelphia Flyers in his last outing, the Detroit Red Wings countered on Friday night by inserting backup goalie Jonas Gustavsson into the lineup.

It resulted in this absolutely ridiculous behind-the-back glove save that will no doubt be in the running for one of the best saves of the NHL season.



This game didn't have much action in the first period in terms of shots on goal, but on the rare occasion somebody did get one through, crazy things were happening. There was this save by Gustavsson, and then there was Cory Schneider's jersey making a save for the Devils.

(GIF via Sean Gentille of Sporting News)

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