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Goodbye, 'Triple Low Five:' Michel Therrien hates fun, so Canadiens lose post-game ritual

Michel Therrien hates fun and is ruling the Canadiens like a dictator, so P.K. Subban and Carey Price can't do their post-game celebration any longer.

Richard Wolowicz

P.K. Subban will be back in the Montreal Canadiens lineup soon -- when, we're not exactly sure, but soon -- and the Habs will no doubt be glad to have him back. There, he can continue being their best defenseman, a threat to put the puck in the net and the hilarious, charismatic personality he's been for his entire career to date.

Well, sort of. New head coach Michel Therrien hates fun, so one staple of Subban's post-game ritual will be taken away: His "Triple Low Five" celebration with goaltender Carey Price.

From the Canadian Press via The Score:

The flashy defenceman's first job will be adapting to a new regime that puts team ideas ahead of individual skill.

Already, goalie Carey Price said the post-victory triple-low-five celebrations he used to do with Subban have been banned. Only team celebrations are now tolerated. The Canadiens this season skate to centre ice after wins and raise their sticks to the fans.

"It's a team concept," said Therrien of the team rule. "You have to respect the game, the other team and the fans.

"The way we decided to celebrate this year is to salute the fans because they deserve it."

This celebration has absolutely nothing to do with respect. There's absolutely no reason why Subban and Price can't continue to do their little ritual, which typically happens as the team is one-by-one congratulating the goalie after a win.

The team is still going to pat their goaltender on the head, right? And then they're going to skate to center ice and do their salute to the fans, right? At what part of this does the Triple Low Five take away from "what the fans deserve" or "disrespect the game?"

It doesn't. Just a crotchety old hockey coach who wants to take all the fun out of everything. Man, now I'm all riled up. I hope the Habs lose all of their games just so Therrien can't be a dictator anymore. Go Leafs or Sens or whatever.

h/t Justin Bourne