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Wayne Simmonds injured after John Erskine hit: Suspension worthy?

Should John Erskine be suspended for this hit on Wayne Simmonds?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

WASHINGTON -- Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds is out of action after this devastating elbow to the face from Capitals defenseman John Erskine in the first period of Friday's game between the two clubs.

Erskine was unpenalized for the extremely blatant elbow, but on the ensuing faceoff, Flyers pest Zac Rinaldo took some sort of revenge into his own hands, going after .... Matt Hendricks? Rinaldo clobbered Hendricks in the fight, but because the gloves were dropped before the puck, both players were kicked out of the game.

With Simmonds also out of the lineup, the Flyers are down to 10 forwards for the remainder of the hockey game. They've not let Erskine go unnoticed in limited ice time since the hit, either, as Max Talbot and at least one other Flyer have spoken to him after the whistle. We'll see if anything happens there.

But, back to the hit. Suspension worthy? You be the judge.