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Bruins vs. Sabres: The fighting begins

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The first fight of the night in Buffalo saw Patrick Kaleta smack Gregory Campbell around.

Recently, every game between the Boston Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres has been defined by physical play and fighting. The Sabres felt that they were pushed around too much by the Bruins last season, and looked to get tough in the off-season - and adding a player like John Scott is basically the NHL equivalent of conducting nuclear missile tests.

In the first game between these two teams this season, there were a number of fights and scrums. The Sabres ended up winning 7-4, but who cares about the final score when John Scott and Shawn Thornton are fighting, right?

The big question going into tonight's contest was whether or not this physical intensity would continue - and we saw our first fight before the halfway mark of the first period. Boston's Gregory Campbell took exception to a hit on a teammate from Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta, and the two went at it. Campbell ended up losing the fight AND getting the instigator penalty so...not a great outcome for him, overall.

(h/t to hockeyfights for the video)