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Wild vs. Flames: Setoguchi removes his own tooth after high stick

Devin Setoguchi didn't want to wait for a dentist.

I think the phrase "hockey players are really tough" is used so often these days it's almost becoming a cliche, but there's no denying that some hockey moments are just tough enough that you'll never see them in any other sport.

Take Devin Setoguchi for example. At the end of a power play for the Wild, Setoguchi goes after his own rebound and gets rudely high-sticked in the mouth by Jiri Hudler. Strangely the refs miss it, Setoguchi falls to the ice and the Tooth Fairy's alarm goes off somewhere. (If you imagined The Rock after reading that sentence, shame on you.)

In any other sport this would require a trip to the locker room for repairs. It might cost a player a quarter to stitch up. It might keep Dwight Howard off the court for six months. But Devin Setoguchi just rips it out, examines it and tosses it on the ice. (Insert Rick DiPietro tripping joke here.)

Go hockey.