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Rick Nash's assist may have gotten Scott Howson fired

Rick Nash made an incredible play right as his former GM was getting the axe.

Right as Rick Nash's former team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, were announcing that they were firing GM Scott Howson, Nash was reminding everyone why he had been such a coveted prize in the first place.

Midway through the first period, Nash carried the puck into the offensive zone through three Bruins players. Then, while falling to the ice, Nash made an unbelievable pass to Carl Hagelin, who scored the easy goal and put the Rangers up 1-0.

It's plays like this that can make you think that maybe Scott Howson WASN'T crazy for making all those demands in return for Rick Nash....and also make you wonder what the Blue Jackets could have accomplished with some decent players around Nash in Columbus.

Brandon Dubinsky, the biggest name sent back to Columbus in exchange for Nash, has one goal and six assists this year and is a minus 4. He has thirty-seven penalty minutes though, so it's not like he isn't contributing.

Here it is in GIF form, thanks to Josh Gold-Smith: