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Senators vs. Leafs: Ottawa wants to keep Toronto fans out of Scotiabank Place

The Ottawa Senators are enacting a new initiative to keep Toronto Maple Leafs fans from buying tickets to Senators home games.


The Ottawa Senators want to protect their house.

In a new initiative to limit the number of Toronto Maple Leafs fans buying tickets to contests at Scotiabank Place, the Senators have sent out an email to their season-ticket holders informing them that they can buy additional tickets to home games against the Maple Leafs at a 20 percent discount.

However, that discount will only be in effect if the tickets are used by Senators fans.

The email states that if the tickets are resold to the general public that the passes will be subject to cancellation and the account that purchased the tickets will lose any future privileges to additional ticket pre-sales.

The new promotion is an effort to "Take Back the Bank."

Whether such a campaign will actually be effective remains to be seen.

In the eyes of Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star, it is a flawed attempt to achieve an impossible goal:

In other words, if the Senators are perturbed that so many Leaf fans boo Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson in his own barn, they need to win more games to woo more fans. Instead, they're wasting time going to war against a little thing called the Internet. There's a secondary market out there that's unregulated and uncontrollable. Trying to direct of the flow of tickets is futile, not to mention insulting to Ottawa fans.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Maple Leafs and Senators are tied for second place in the Northeast Division with 16 points. The two teams will meet on Saturday night in Toronto and will play in Ottawa one week later on Feb. 23.