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Bruins vs. Sabres: Peverley scores off crazy bounce

Ryan Miller had no chance.

It seems the theme tonight is bending the laws of physics. This time the theme was a good one for the Bruins.

It all started when Dougie Hamilton made an astute decision at the blueline, firing the puck toward the endboards hoping for a beneficial bounce. Well, he certainly got one. Ryan Miller saw it coming and positioned himself to react accordingly, but he wasn't at all prepared for the puck to come flying over his head.

Which of course, it did. The puck fluttered over the defenseless netminder and right to a waiting Rich Peverley, who fired it home to put Boston up 2-1. Shooting off the boards was a smart decision from the rookie Hamilton, but even he had to be surprised at how the puck careened in the air.

Of course, this was able to happen because Alexander Burmistrov broke gravity earlier. Obviously. He deserves an assist on this goal.