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Stars vs. Canucks: Three fights in three seconds

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That got nasty, quickly.

Just as the excitement from Henrik Sedin's record-breaking assist was starting to wear off in Vancouver, the Stars and Canucks found a way to rile up the crowd again. Three ways, to be exact.

In what seemed like a homage to Slap Shot, the entire Stars' third line decided to engage in a little pugilism. First, Ryan Garbutt and Aaron Volpatti got into a scrum off a faceoff in the Canucks' attacking zone. As the Stars' broadcast points out, these guys were teammates at Brown University. Just having a little fun, eh?

Not to be outdone, Vernon Fiddler and Maxim Lapierre decided to fight off the very next faceoff. Lapierre made a show of it, tossing his helmet down and rolling his sleeves up with a smug look on his face. I'm sorry, but if you start off a fight like that you deserve some punishment. This is hockey. C'mon, man.

All that was left of the Stars' third line was Eric Nystrom, and he didn't waste any time completing the fight hat trick. For those of you scoring at home, that was three fights in three seconds.

Dallas fared well without their energetic third line, scoring late in the period to narrow the Canucks' lead to 3-2.