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NHL Scores: Blackhawks still undefeated, Stars win crazy one

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Will Chicago ever lose in regulation?

Alex Trautwig

If you're a big fan of fighting in hockey, Friday night was a good night for you. If you were out and about (and really, why would you?) let's get you caught up on all of the rough-and-tumble action that you missed.

All The NHL Scores

Get caught up on last night's NHL scores with recaps from our network of SB Nation team blogs. Here's a quick glance at the full night of action:

Sabres 4, Bruins 2

Devils 5, Flyers 3

Penguins 3, Jets 1

Ducks 5, Red Wings 2

Blackhawks 4, Sharks 1

Blues 5, Flames 2

Stars 4, Canucks 3

Kings 2, Blue Jackets 1

Five Answers

Prior to last night's games, we presented five burning questions regarding the night's action. Here are your cool, soothing answers.

1. How will Ryan Kesler perform in his much-anticipated return?

For the most part, Kesler looked like his old self. He registered an assist on Chris Higgins' goal in the second frame and had numerous scoring chances throughout the contest. He also got under the Stars' skin, laid 4 hits and blocked three shots. If there was any rust, he wasn't showing it.

2. Can the Bruins extend their road winning streak?

Boston's winning streak came to an end on Friday, as the Sabres came away with the 4-2 victory. The only two regulation losses this season for Boston have come at the hands of the Sabres.

3. Can Claude Giroux finally get things going offensively?

Broadstreet Hockey wanted to see more on both ends of the ice from his line last night:

Claude Giroux and his line had an interesting night. On the one hand: a pair of assists for G, and a great chance in the second that clanged off the post. Seemed pretty active out there offensively. On the other hand? His line, with Simmonds and Read (who both scored very nice-looking goals) was on the ice for three goals against. Giroux in particular looked out of place on the first one, and a bad clear from Read led right to the game-winning assist. Here's to more offense AND more defense from them in the future, because we know they can provide both.

4. Will new Jet Eric Tangradi stick it to his former team?

Tangradi didn't make a mark on the scoresheet at all and didn't factor in hardly at all other than a few hits in the second period. So, no.

5. Which Sharks team will show up against Chicago?

The bad one. San Jose ran into the buzz saw that is the Chicago Blackhawks and lost 4-1. The Sharks were on their heels all game long and simply couldn't keep up with the red-hot Blackhawks.

Impact Moment

What moment from last night's games will be making headlines in the coming days?

The Dallas Stars' season rests in the balance as they await news about the severity of Kari Lehtonen's injury.

Stat of the Night

All hail Henrik Sedin.

Post to Post

  • In case you missed Jake Allen's save of the year, do yourself a favor and watch it already.
  • The Stars and Canucks game was all kinds of crazy.
  • Devils prospect Mattias Tedenby required plastic surgery after a skate to the face Friday. Scary stuff.
  • Finally, Fear The Fin asks the question on the lips of every Sharks fan these days: