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Matt Duchene goal was offsides by roughly a mile

Quite possibly the worst call of the NHL year thus far.

Matt Duchene knew he was offsides. Every player on the ice knew he was offsides. The announcers knew he was offsides and the fans all knew he was offsides.

But according to the official log of Monday's Avalanche vs. Predators game, Matt Duchene wasn't offsides, and this goal against Nashville counted just as if it were completely legal. Barry Trotz was fairly aggravated about the play.

Across the league, officials have made a lot of mistakes since the NHL's shortened season began a month ago. They've made what seems like more bad calls than usual, they've thrown players out of games for obviously-clean hits and at least anecdotally, they seem off their game.

This call, though, might just be the worst. It's so obviously offsides and so obviously incorrect that it's actually incomprehensible that they screwed this one up.

Colorado won the game by one goal, 6-5.