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Phoenix Coyotes try the Harlem Shake

It's about as strange as you'd expect.

Christian Petersen

By now you've most likely heard of the Harlem Shake video craze that's sweeping the nation, even if you haven't actually seen a version yourself. Well, the Phoenix Coyotes have become the latest group to throw their hat in the Harlem Shake ring, and the result is one strange video.

The Harlem Shake, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is "an eccentric upper body dance move that involves the shaking of the upper torso and shoulders."

Here's the Coyotes' interpretation:

Okay, I don't even know where to start with this video. I guess we can start with the Coyote mascot at the beginning.

What is he doing? Does that qualify as a dance move? I thought dance moves required leg movement, too. And why are there two random people just passing a puck back and forth? Is that a dancing monkey on the Zamboni?

Before any of these questions can be answered, suddenly we're joined by a bunch of pucks, ice girls and disembodied heads of Coyotes players. I'm sure those sumo suits are left over from an intermission game. This is still an extremely odd and disconcerting video, but I'll give the Coyotes participants credit for this: their zombie-esque dance moves were certainly...eccentric.

Please, NHL. Let this be the only Harlem Shake video.

Also, rumor has it that the Coyotes can't t afford to re-sign any of their players this offseason after producing this video.