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Ducks vs. Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky makes excellent save on Palmieri

Bob showed off his glove hand to keep it a one-goal game.

The way the Blue Jackets have chosen to play defense this evening (that would be "minimal effort"), this game in Anaheim should be completely out of reach for Columbus by now. Luckily for the Blue Jackets, their goaltender is showing some flashy moves to try to keep his team from getting buried.

Poor Sergei Bobrovsky has had to protect a net that has been left totally undefended at times in the first period. The Jackets gave up two goals in 21 seconds earlier in the period, one on a breakaway and the next on a play from the Ducks that left most of the Blue Jackets spinning around helplessly on the ice. Bobrovsky had no chance on either goal.

He really didn't have much of a chance on this one either. Patrick Maroon centered a no-look pass from behind the net to set up a point-blank shot for Kyle Palmieri. But Bobrovsky followed the play perfectly and snapped his glove up just in time to snag the puck. It's 2-1 after one period in Anaheim.