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Ryan O'Reilly's dad speaks out

The father of the Avalanche superstar currently in contract limbo spoke his mind in a very long, kind of weird e-mail to the Denver Post.

Victor Decolongon

In a lengthy e-mail sent to Adrian Dater at the Denver Post, the father of young star Ryan O`Reilly spoke out about his son's situation. The younger O`Reilly is still in hockey limbo, as the Avalanche have yet to offer him a contract that he and his agent feel is appropriate for a player of his talent and no other team has sent him an offer sheet, because that just isn't how NHL GM's do things.

Brian O`Reilly, Ryan's dad, is clearly frustrated with what has been happening with his son:

This is not about money and never has been. As you know you don’t build team based on dollars. If you did then the people with the most expensive players would be our champion . You build a team on its character. Ryan is not a superstar based on skill but character.

The letter goes on - and on, and on, and on - and is full of entertaining turns of phrase and Random Capitalization. Read it in its entirety at the Denver Post here.

To properly understand where Brian O`Reilly is coming from, it is useful to take a look at his Twitter account, which contains gems like this:


Brian O'Reilly is clearly a man with strong, if pretty weird, opinions.