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Brian Burke hired as professional scout with the Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks have hired former general manager Brian Burke as a professional scout.

Bruce Bennett

The Anaheim Ducks have hired Brian Burke as a part-time professional scout, general manager Bryan Murray announced on the team's website Thursday.

Burke had previously acted as the Ducks' executive vice president and general manager from 2005-08. During that span, the team won its only Stanley Cup championship in franchise history.

In November 2008, Burke stepped down from the position and accepted the role of president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He operated in that position until he was relieved of his duties earlier this year. When he was informed of the organization's decision, Burke suggested that he take over an advisory role to replacement Dave Nonis.

The Maple Leafs agreed to the idea but ultimately decided against making Burke an adviser to Nonis, instead making him an adviser to the ownership group. This was viewed by many as a phantom position and one that Burke was not pleased with.

Burke has been rumored as a likely candidate for a future general managing position, as well as possible positions within the league office.

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