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Artem Anisimov injury: Blue Jacket leaves ice on a stretcher

A scary sight in Detroit as Artem Anisimov suffers a head injury on a routine icing play.

Artem Anisimov suffered what looked to be a serious head injury on a routine icing. The twenty-four-year-old center was injured in a freak accident after Kyle Quincey's elbow landed on his head and pressed it hard against the ice. No penalty was assessed on the play, and the traumatic sight of Anisimov unresponsive on his back silenced the arena.

Anisimov lay still for several minutes. Trainers and medical personnel representing both teams hurried out to attend to him, and a stretcher was brought on to the ice. The doctors looked to be checking for signs of a neck injury, and eventually lifted him on to the stretcher and took him off the ice.

Later televised reports indicated that Anisimov was awake and responding after he left the ice. The Columbus Blue Jackets issued a statement saying that he had never lost consciousness, but was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Anisimov had missed the previous two games with a foot injury. Prior to this season, he had played his entire NHL career for the New York Rangers.

UPDATE: Anisimov was alert and stable in the hospital, but would be kept there overnight as a precautionary measure, according to the Blue Jackets head coach Todd Richards.