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Cal Clutterbuck injury: Taylor Hall delivers knee-on-knee hit

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Clutterbuck left the game with the injury and Taylor Hall received a five minute penalty.

Minnesota fan-favorite Cal Clutterbuck suffered a leg injury after a questionable open-ice hit by Edmonton's Taylor Hall. The two came together at center ice in a high-speed collision that some saw as a poorly-executed attempt at a hip check by Hall and others viewed as suspension-worthy targeting of the knees.

Taylor Hall recieved a five minute major penalty for kneeing, which kept him out for the remainder of the game.

Clutterbuck stayed down on the ice for several minutes, and appeared to be in severe pain during that time. Eventually he was assisted off the ice by teammates, but did not put any weight on his injured leg.

While the Edmonton broadcast team stressed the accidental nature of the collision, the Minnesota team was quick to call the hit an intentional knee-on-knee. If that is how the league sees it, Taylor Hall - one of Edmonton's leading scorers and a major part of their offense - could face a suspension.

Reports after the game said that Cal Clutterbuck was on a stretcher behind wheeled by paramedics to the Oilers medical room.

These two teams play again on March 3rd in Minnesota