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In the Box: Coyotes off to best ratings start since 2000

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Not just the Blackhawks drawing great local ratings... but yes, we talk about the Blackhawks great local ratings.


In the Box is a somewhat regular feature on Puck the Media where we cover some of the stories that aren't necessarily big enough to warrant their own posts, but are within this site's jurisdiction.

*Teams like the Blackhawks and Penguins aren't the only ones off to solid ratings starts. Some teams are managing it on a smaller scale, too. Take a look, for example, at the Phoenix Coyotes. They began the season with their best ratings start since 2000-01, according to a press release from FS Arizona. The team has averaged a 1.0 rating in the market, with the Feb. 4 game against Minnesota drawing a 1.5, marking the team's best rating for a regular season game since Brian Boucher was piling up shutouts nine years ago.

*This has been around all week, but let's get it out here: the Blackhawks are on fire, ratings-wise. They're scorching the ice beneath them as an actual hockey team, but the ratings are very good, too. Tuesday's shootout win over the Canucks drew a 7.41 rating in Chicago, by far a record for a regular season game on the team's home network, CSN Chicago. The previous high was a 6.31 for Jan. 27 against Detroit. CSN Chicago was the No. 1 television network in the market on Tuesday night.

More importantly, every single one of the 10 highest-rated Blackhawks games ever on CSN Chicago have come this season.

1. Vancouver vs. Chicago (Feb. 19): 7.41

2. Detroit vs. Chicago (Jan. 27): 6.31

3. Chicago vs. Phoenix (Feb. 7): 5.70

4. Anaheim vs. Chicago (Feb. 12): 5.58

t5. Chicago vs. Nashville (Feb. 10): 5.4

t5. St. Louis vs. Chicago (Jan. 22): 5.4

7. Chicago vs. Vancouver (Feb. 1): 5.29

8. Chicago vs. Dallas (Jan. 24): 5.13

9. Chicago vs. Calgary (Feb. 2): 4.92

10. Chicago vs. Columbus (Jan. 26): 4.39

Again, insanity. The 'Hawks are not only topping the Bulls in the ratings, but also what the Cubs and White Sox drew over the past Major League Baseball season. What's the ceiling for the team during this unbeaten streak? We'll certainly find out tonight with the team's attempt to break the record for most consecutive games with a point to start a season against San Jose.

*Some broadcasting assignments: Mike Emrick and Pierre McGuire will call Sunday's NBCSN telecast of Lightning vs. Penguins. Dave Strader and Brian Engblom will handle both Monday's tilt between Dallas and Nashville, but also Tuesday's Bruins vs. Islanders game on Long Island.