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Coyotes vs. Flames: A bad few seconds of hockey for Calgary

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Matt Stajan got another penalty while leaving the penalty box, and then Jay Bouwmeester put the puck in his own net.

Right after his first penalty had expired, Calgary's Matt Stajan took another one -- before he had even stepped back on to the ice.

Stajan used his stick to break up a Coyotes' rush up the ice before his skates had returned to the playing surface, earning him an interference call and sending him right back into the penalty box.

The Calgary coaching staff and players were confused and angry with the call, but it didn't do any good. The Flames went right back on the penalty kill ... and off the ensuing face-off, the puck bounced off the skate of Jay Bouwmeester and past Calgary goaltender Joey MacDonald. The goal tied the game at one midway through the second period.

Sorry, Matt Stajan. Sometimes things just don't go your way. At least you get to come out of the penalty box for real this time.

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