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Oilers vs. Blackhawks: Ed Olczyk gets mad at Nail Yakupov for ducking

The Chicago broadcaster had a serious problem with the Oilers rookie ducking to avoid an incoming hit.

Midway through the game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers, Chicago's Daniel Carcillo took a run at Edmonton rookie star Nail Yakupov. Carcillo looked to be planning to pound Yakupov into the boards. Yakupov ducked out of the way.

Nail's ducking, for some reason, infuriated Chicago broadcaster Ed Olczyk.

Olczyk lambasted Yakupov for the "dangerous" move, pointing out how Dan Carcillo could have gotten badly hurt falling over Yakupov. Ed didn't seem to mind Carcillo's charge at Yakupov after he had already gotten rid of the puck, or the fact that Carcillo's hit looked to be aimed dangerously high.

No, the REAL problem here is that Nail Yakupov is a coward who doesn't want to take his concussion like a man. Astute analysis, Ed.

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