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Flames vs. Wild: Matt Stajan dive draws a major penalty

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Charlie Coyle got a major penalty for tapping Matt Stajan.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the second period of a tight-checking defensive duel between the Calgary Flames and the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota's Charlie Coyle bumped into Matt Stajan with his shoulder. Stajan then threw himself backward into the glass, grabbed his face as if it had been cut, and fell to the ice.

Coyle received a five-minute major penalty for elbowing.

Hits to the head are dangerous, and do deserve penalties ... but come on. Coyle did the right thing here and pulled out of the hit at the last moment rather than blasting Stajan in the face. At most this should have been a two-minute minor for interference, and even that is probably too much.

In a bit of karmic justice, the Wild kept the Flames from registering a single shot during their five-minute power play.

Here is the "hit" in all its glory, animated by CJ Folger:


Just brutal.

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