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Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens: Mike Brown given game misconduct for boarding

Josh Gorges was unhurt after going hard into the boards.

When the Leafs and Canadiens last met, there was no shortage of pugilism. Wednesday's rematch hasn't had the same sort of fireworks (yet), but the two teams have both played with a physical edge already.

The nastiness picked up right before the first intermission, however. Leafs forward Mike Brown followed Habs forward Josh Gorges after a puck and waited until the right moment before hip checking Gorges off his feet and into the boards. The Canadiens went after Brown and a scrum ensued.

Here's the gif of the play:


Brown was given a five-minute major for boarding and a game misconduct. Predictably, Leafs fans are upset about what appeared to be an iffy misconduct call. Gorges wasn't hurt, but it seems the officials decided the play was dangerous enough to kick Brown out of the game. Expect the physicality to ramp up as this game continues, even though the Leafs are now without one of their pests.